I heard a Chinese station call CQ again on 20 meters JT65 (still have not worked China)  Than I miss-clicked in an effort to work that station and accidently started making a QSO with R3WF that was just under the call of the Chinese station. Not really problematic, but I worked Russia more often. Worked on 40 meters JT65 a bit later a German and Swedish station.

After that I switched to 80 meters and worked Scotland in JT9 that was also a new DXCC for me on 80 meters.

Those QSOs were all done with 5W from a Yaesu FT-817 and a vertical at 4m AGL


Heard a Chinese station call in JT65, tried to reply but I guess he did not hear me. Later I did a CQ on 20 meters JT65 and a big red area appeared on the frequency I called in the waterfall.
RD3AD came back on my call with a -3 signal from KO85.
Later I tried on 6 meter but it was still too quiet there.
I got a reply from PE4BAS from the same grid I live. Still it was a new DXCC and new grid for me on 6 meters JT65 what happens mostly when working a mode on a band never done before with that mode with the first QSO in that combination.

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Some screenshots from JT65 QSOs :

QSO with Australia on 30 meters using 5 W.


QSO with Romania on 30 meters using 150 mW.